Privacy Policy

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Protecting the privacy and personal data of our website users is a major concern of FUNTOURIST. To this end, we take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with all Portuguese and International requirements regarding the handling of personal data.

FUNTOURIST processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable requirements under European Union and Portuguese law in all aspects related to the collection, storage, processing, handling, access and transfer of personal data.

FUNTOURIST is not obliged to comply with any legal, regulatory or other requirements that arise or may arise from the legal framework applicable to national users or residents of other countries, and disclaims any and all liability arising there from.

FUNTOURIST websites that show the current Privacy Policy ("Policy") and collect any information about you are required to collect, store and handle your personal data not only in accordance with this Policy, but also in accordance with applicable law. This Policy applies to personal data (as defined below) collected through means and available communications on the Internet (such as sites, e-mail and other methods available on the Internet) containing a link to this Policy. This Policy does not apply to personal data that is not collected on the Internet unless it is filled with personal data collected through FUNTOURIST online. Our site has links to other sites. This Policy does not apply to third-party sites whose content or privacy practices are beyond the control of FUNTOURIST.

FUNTOURIST only collects personal data if the person in question provides us with such data. Any data collected will not be passed on to third parties to be used for marketing purposes, unless the data owner has agreed.

Data collected by us

Personal Data: You may visit our websites without providing any information of a personal nature. We only collect personal data (for example, name, address, telephone number, email address and other identifiable data) when they are provided by you. Any processing of personal data will only occur if the data owner has given us unambiguous consent.

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